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P90x update…Phase 2 week 7 or 8

Just a real quick video..I am still doing all of the arm routines and ab ripper x in conjunction with Turbo Fire.  All I can say is that this month has been real challenging for me but I just keep pushing,.


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P90x Week 5..Finally time for phase 2

This week is my fifth week of P90X and I am so excited. I decided to do the inferno plan today which is a 5 day eating plan that is about 1,200 calories. This plan comes with certain workouts that are to be done with this eating plan. So today I did Fire 55 EZ , P90X  Triceps,Biceps,Shoulders and Chest. These workouts are 1 hour a piece. So today was a great day. I burned over 1,400 calories just doing Turbo Fire.

I found that today’s workout was much harder than the first 4 weeks in the weight lifting party. I am using 10 pounds weights and it just seemed like they were heavy as hell. Can’t figure it out because the first 4 weeks that is what I used and it was fine. I just think having that rest week and now that it is week 5 the exercises are just a  little harder. I just gotta give myself a chance to get use to the new workout. Working out the shoulders,bicepts and chest today was a doozie but I finished it like a champ. I look forward to my next workout. Tomorrow I will hit up AB Ripper X hard with Turbo Fire for my cardio.

I guess the reason why I feel so great is that the scale finally moved and I lost 2 POUNDS. That is a big deal for me because I am a scale stalker..LOL..I know I shouldn’t worry about the weight but I keep it real and I do. But I love the fact that the inches are slowing moving and that I can see changes in my body and clothes. So hopefully with being on this inferno plan I hope to shed 7 pounds. Here is a quick video clip I did at the end of week two…ENJOY

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P90x WeeK 4 …Recovery Week

This is my week 4 which is recovery week. I am not really going to relax , I will be doing Turbo Fire for the cardio. I am ready for week 5 of P90x. I am seeing definition in my shoulders,traps and biceps. So far I am content. Check out my video.

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Week 4 P90x Update and Turbo Fire

This is my week 4 update of P90x. I also just received Turbo Fire in the mail and did the workout. It was just amazing and it had me speachless for a minute. Check out my video and follow me on Youtube. I will be posting pics soon.

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Turbo Fire is Out!!! Find the Motivation and Start Today with Me!!

This new workout is what is going to put you over the top. I just ordered mines and will be doing this with P90x. Check out the video and join me on my Turbo Fire Challenge.!!!


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Week 3 P90x Update…Plus some motivation for you

This is the end of Week 3 of P90x for me. I wanted to share some of my high’s and low’s. I hope you take a minute to listen to my video and to get motivated to start the program.  I finally lost 1 pound by doing extra cardio and eating right so I am really happy. But at least my inches are still falling off..So push play and let me know how you are doing.


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Week 3 of P90x..I went on vacation and now I’m back on the grind

This is week 3 of my journey on P90x. Sorry it has taken me so long to update. But if you would like to follow my journey please visit my youtube channel ( JERZEECHIC) and watch my videos..I have alot of great information on there for you. Become a subscriber and follow me on my journey. ENJOY!

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My P90x Journey begins Today!. Day 1 is Done.

Today is a new day for me.I have started my P90X journey and I am so looking forward to seeing more results. It was a great round with Insanity, but as I know I get bored very easily. So decided to switch things up and do P90x.  It was nice but I still have the rest of the week to get through. So sit back and follow me on this ride. I will be doing a combination of video and writing because I can get more of my thoughts out when I do videos. Please leave me comments and questions that you might have for Insanity or P90X and I will be glad to answer the best that I can.


~~ Trish~~

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My Insanity Journey is Over. Here are my 60 Day Results

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Week 7 is Finally Over!!! Getting ready to start Week 8 of Insanity.

I would have written a long story but I rather you just listen to it. I am on my last day today of week 7 and getting ready for my last 2 weeks of Insanity before I begin P90x. I just got my P90x and looked through it and I am ready to get ripped even more. I have been getting compliments that I look thinner which is a good thing I guess. But I rather just look at the pictures at the end of my 60 days. I don’t think I will take pictures tomorrow on my fit test because I just want to wait until the 2 week is over and then take my 60 day. So I hope you enjoy my video and visit me on my YOUTUBE channel to hear more of my journey.

Until then keep pushing hard and I will still be here kicking Insanity Butt!!!


Trish ~~Smooches

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